How did it all begin?

MyClassroomConnection was founded in 2007 by Leslie and David Diamond, who have been married for over 30 years, have 4 children, 1 son-in-law and 2 amazingly adorable grandchildren.  Leslie is a certified lead pre-school teacher, and has been teaching children 2-5 years old since 1999.  David has multiple degrees from MIT, and has been involved with computer software since the 1980's.

One day after collecting half of the newsletters she had placed in her student's cubbies three days prior, Leslie said she was done with printing out notices, newsletters, upcoming events, etc. only to have them thrown out or left behind.  She went home and asked David to "write something" so she could send her classroom parents their newsletters on-line, and while he was at it, send lots of photos too, so she didn't have to select only 5-6 to display in the classroom.  At that moment, MyClassroomConnection was born!

Today MyClassroomConnection is a successful eco-friendly, web-based tool for teachers and directors to communicate with their preschool families.  It is used and trusted by thousands of teachers and parents throughout the United States.

A teacher oversees everything we do!

Leslie, being a devoted teacher, understands the importance of a strong teacher-parent partnership in bringing out the best in children.  Leslie, however, doesn't love using computers.  That is why everything that teachers can do on the website is made as easy and fool-proof as possible.

In other words, MyClassroomConnection is very EASY and FUN to use.  And it makes teachers look like stars!  Parents love to sign on and see new pictures of their children, read about upcoming events, sign up for a conference, and so much more – all at their own convenience.

We hope you enjoy using our website as much as we've enjoyed developing it!

Leslie & David Diamond

Please contact us by email if you're having a problem.  We can also be reached by phone at (617) 413-9363

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