You and a friend each get a $25 check when you refer us!

If you like using our website, tell your friends with children in other preschools or daycare centers about us.  When their school signs up to use us, we will send you each a $25 check and offer the preschool a 10% discount as well!

How do you know I made the referral?

Click here to send your friend an email with instructions.

We'll get an email as well, with details of your referral.  When the school signs up and enters "REFERRAL" in the coupon code, we'll know the referral was from you.

The (not so) small print

We will send you and your friend a check once the school has paid for their website.  This offer is not available for new classrooms in our existing client's schools.  Only one set of referral rewards is available per school, and will be paid to the first person and friend that notifies us of the referral.

Please contact us by email if you're having a problem.  We can also be reached by phone at (617) 413-9363

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