Love the site, very easy to use, parent friendly, just can't say enough. Keep up the great work!

Diane Allen
Private Preschool/Kindergarten
Plaistow, NH

I cannot not say enough good things about this wonderful website. I've been using it for 3 years now and it has not only been a very helpful tool for parents, but turns out to be a great selling point for potential clients to my Montessori Toddler Program. My current clients love that they get to see photos of their children "working" in the Montessori classroom. I also post my newsletters, so parents can learn the songs, stories and poems that their toddlers are learning. This easy-to-use website is so helpful for posting Parent-Teacher conference sign-ups or Potluck Picnic sign-ups.

As a parent educator, I have also found it helpful in posting relevant articles or news information, that includes, discipline, potty training or nutrition. Great way to keep parents informed and avoid the "chatting" at pick-up time dilemma. It's so easy to use and upload photos and make edits. Several of my friends with in-home programs are using and loving MyClassroomConnection.

I am so happy. If I weren't so busy I would write more!

Terese Bradshaw
Directress and Founder
Montessori Preschool
Novato, CA

This is a wonderful tool to have in my day care! I love it and so do my parents. It's a great way for my parents to keep up with what's going on at our school.

Thank You :)

Ramona Wilson
Owner and Director
Day Care
Richmond, TX

Our school LOVES MyClassroomConnection!

I found the main website easy to set up and design the way I wanted it and having the ability to customize each classroom page so that it is very specific is what sold us on the site to begin with! We have about 100+ families at our preschool and one of our biggest complaints was always the lack of communication from the teachers and the office staff about classroom or school-wide events, holiday reminders, or even just simple recaps or photos of a “day in the life” of their preschooler! They always felt left in the dark! But when we launched our website through My Classroom Connection the communication between our office staff, the teachers, and the parents vastly improved! The things our families love the most about the site are 1) that each classroom’s page is password protected – they feel safe knowing that only their community of parents from our school can access their child’s classroom info; 2) They love staying connected; 3) They love the simple layout of the site and have said it is very easy to navigate through!

What do we, the administrators love most about our website? The same reasons the parents love it! But for me, in addition to that, the support I receive from David (either via email, phone, etc) is phenomenal! It’s better than any other company we deal with in our work! I have confidence to know that any time I get stuck or have a question about the site, I can shoot David an email or a call and he gets back to me right away – sometimes within minutes! I believe he even called me back once while he was hiking in the mountains! Now THAT’S great customer service! And while I'm not very computer savvy, he always walks me through it with simple instructions and I figure it out in a jiff!

Our website is the best thing we’ve done at our preschool! We have been nothing but completely satisfied since day 1 and you will be too!

Bobbi Cassettari
Assistant Director
Presbyterian Church Preschool
Lafayette, CA

The teachers and parents at our school have enjoyed using MyClassroomConnection website for 4 years. If there is ever a question about how to operate the website or a suggestion to better it, it is handled quickly and efficiently.

Many thanks to MyClassroomConnection for all you do to make our classroom communication easy and efficient.

Margaret Martin
Assistant Director
Episcopal Church Kindergarten
Nashville, TN

Thank you!  Your fine customer service is one of the things I love about this are always on top of things!

My Classroom Connection is working beautifully in our Early Learning Center!  The parents are loving it and the staff is thankful that it is so user friendly!  We are grateful to have found this great service!

Steph LaFrankie
United Methodist Church Early Learning Center
Elizabeth, Pennsylvania

Our entire school uses the website. All of my communication (weekly newsletters, events, sign-ups, photos) are easily created or uploaded to my individual home page. Any time I have encountered a technical problem, it has been addressed immediately and quickly resolved.

I am very happy to be able to save time and paper in keeping my families up to date on classroom information.

Debbie Atkinson
Episcopal Church Kindergarten
Nashville, TN

I loved having the MyClassroomConnection as a resource. It helped make me feel so connected to what was going on in the classroom, to see photos, lesson plans, and having such an easy way to communicate with other parents as well.

Lisa Poncia
Montessori Preschool
Novato, CA

Unbelievable customer service! Prompt response no matter when you contact them!

Peggy Ward
United Methodist Church Weekday School
Charlotte, NC

I was introduced to the web site by another teacher/director of a preschool.  This web site is extremely easy to navigate for both the teacher and the parent.  Any time I have emailed David with a question, he has always responded in a very timely fashion."

Lisa Ayers
Public School
Piedmont, MO

I Love My Classroom connection!  With all busyiness of the day, sometimes I forget to inform parents of a need or upcoming event.  It is easy to post a letter to all and hit a one click email sent to all my parents that there is a update on the website.  I love that if I have a problem or question, I can email and David gets back with me within an hour at the most.  That is service!

Shelby Stout
United Methodist Church Weekday School
Matthews, NC

I depend on this tool for all our communication about tuition due, field trips and event reminders, etc.  It’s very effective and efficient.  Dave is across the US from us, but I feel as if he is a close friend always willing to help.  I also appreciate that he is always upgrading the web site to make it better.

You cannot go wrong by using this service!

Jennifer Hawkins
Assistant Director
Private Preschool
Roseville, CA

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