Beacon Hill Cluster Association
c/o TWC Association Management
397 Herndon Parkway Suite 100
Herndon, VA 20170

703-471-6578 (fax)

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May 2021
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About Us

Beacon Hill is a lakefront community in Reston, Virginia, comprised of 77 homes – 47 single-family detached homes on Beacon Place and 30 lakefront town homes on Beacon Heights. The community was built in three phases by three different builders. The first home was purchased in 1988; construction of the last phase, the lakeside town homes, was completed in 2004.

The Beacon Hill Cluster Association (BHCA) is a nonstock, nonprofit corporation organized under Virginia law, governed by its homeowners and a five-member, elected Board of Directors, two members of which must be town home owners. A separate homeowners’ association, Beacon Hill II (BH2), with a separate five-member, elected Board, was incorporated to oversee design and maintenance of the town homes. Only town home owners are members of and pay BH2 assessments. All 77 Beacon Hill homeowners are members of BHCA and have the same privileges and responsibilities. 

The BH2 Board oversees maintenance, landscaping, and design issues between the curb bordering the driveways and the retaining wall running along Reston Association’s lakefront pathway. All other areas and issues fall under the jurisdiction of the BHCA Board. 

Both the BHCA and BH2 Boards meet regularly during the year and hold annual meetings for their entire memberships. The annual meetings include election of Board members to fill expiring terms and open discussion about Cluster business and issues. Homeowners are welcome at any Board meeting.

TWC Association Management is retained by both Boards to manage the finances and the general day-to-day operations of the Cluster as directed by the Boards of Directors.

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